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Parcel delivery to Fiji

The Republic of Fiji is a famed tropical destination in the South Pacific. The closest continent is Australia, and for centuries Fiji was under British rule.  The official languages are English and Fijan. Fiji is one of the most developed islands in the South Pacific thanks largely to its tourism and sugar sectors. The economy in Fiji is considered to be highly liberal in regards to international trade. There is an extensive program of incentives in play for foreign investors. The largest Fijian hub is in Nadi at the Nadi International Airport.

Customs for parcel shipping to Fiji

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCA) was established in 1998. Fiji Customs is divided into four major division: taxation, customs, corporate services, and investment facilitation. Fiji promote foreign investment by offering a wide range of incentives in regards to taxes and duties. Such incentives may take the form of tax exemption, tax deduction, investment allowance, rebate, duty reduction and duty exemption. Most incentives are related to tourism and services for hotels, tourists, media producers, and others.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Fiji

The following commodities are prohibited from importation into Fiji: bearer documents, graphite, knives, some liquors, tobacco leaves, antiquities or other high value objects from Hong Kong (antiques, fine artwork, collectible coins, furs, jewelry, precious stones, precious metals, collectible stamps), timber products from Liberia, hazardous materials and dangerous goods, firearms and explosives, illicit narcotics, pornography, telecommunications equipment, and personal effects.

Parcel documents delivering to Fiji

A standard declaration is recommended for those who wish to receive preferential treatment towards taxes and duties. The declaration includes a commercial and a certificate of origin. This declaration must be stamped by customs of the export country. Antiques, fine art, and jewelry valued at ver $500 USD will require an International Special Commodities Contract (ISC).


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