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International Parcel Package delivery Gambia

Who ships parcels to Gambia

Global Logistics Solutions, P4D, and ISP Parcel all handle parcel delivery to Gambia.  Parcel 2 Go, DHL, FedEx and Parcel Link deliver parcels there as well.  It is a good idea to check into a few companies first before deciding on which one to use to handle your goods when shipping the to Gambia so that you can not only compare their price quotes, but you can research their companies to find out more about them too.  With their background information in hand, you will be able to make a more informed decision about which company is a better fit for your particular shipment.


Parcel documents delivering to Gambia

The documents you may need when shipping to Gambia may vary slightly based on the contents of your parcel.  That being said, you will definitely need a Bill of Lading, the original packing list if applicable, Insurance documents, the original invoices for new items, and a Declaration of Freight charges.  All of these documents will be thoroughly checked by their Customs department upon arrival to the country and they must be in order to be released for delivery. 


Parcel delivery limitations to Gambia

It is best to check with the Gambian Custom's department for an up to date list of items that are prohibited and restricted before you ship your parcels off.  The current list of prohibited items includes things like acids, radio active materials and corrosives.  The restricted items list includes things like live animals.  If you want to ship a live animal there, you may do so but only with prior permission and a special permit.  If you do not obtain this permit before you ship, it is much harder to get it after the fact and you run the risk of your items being returned to you at your expense.  In the worse case scenario, your parcels can even be seized by the government and you will be out your goods and the costs of shipping, not to mention the headache that all of this ordeal has caused you. 


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