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Parcel delivery to Georgia

Georgia is a Caucasus country located in the crossroads of Eurasia on the coast of the Black Sea. Hard times followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union, as well as a trade embargo by Russia, once Georgia's biggest trading partner. However they have managed to improve dramatically since receiving an IMF loan in 1995. Around 30% of the population of Georgia still lives in poverty. The economy is devoted largely to the tourism and services sector, as well as wine production. In recent years Georgia has invested heavily in their transportation infastructure. Most of the oil going from Azerbajan to the EU passes through Georgia.

Customs for parcel shipping to Georgia

According to Georgian Customs regulations all duties and taxes must be paid in full before a shipment can be released. The cosignee is required to go to the Tbilisi in order to transfer international freight to another location. Certain commodities require an import license to ship. Medicine hould be approved by the Ministry of Health. Military equipment needs an import license, as does telecommunications equipment like radios. Event tickets are considered non documents.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Georgia

It is prohibited to import the following items into Georgia: illicit narcotics, weapons, ammunition, firearms, explosives, pronography, plants or animals, unregistered antiquities, bearer documents, checks, hash pipes, some liquors, political material, soil, stocks, personal effects, and products made in Iran. Hazardous materials are also prohibited, thes may include: acids, batteries, biological products, chemicals, corrosives, cosmetics, dangerous goods, flammables, gases, ice, infectious substances, liquids, magnets, oxidizers, paints, perfume, poisons, radioactive material, or toiletries.

Parcel documents delivering to Georgia

An original certificate of origin must be provided at the time of shipment. The certificate must contain the shippers signature in original ink. It has to be issued by the Chamber of Commerce and have a seal or watermark in the paper. There should be a declaration that contains a detailed description of the goods. General descriptions such as "textiles" or "shoes" are not considered detailed. It should spell out important information in regards to the type of materials, specific categorization of items, product dimensions, and more.



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