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Parcel delivery to Grenada

The Commonwealth of Grenada is fairly easy to ship to given its location in the Caribbean.  You will find a good choice of shipping companies to help you with shipping your parcels there, which will give you buying power to price compare one to the next before making your decision. 

Who ships parcels to Grenada

There are many parcel delivery companies that service the Commonwealth of Grendada.  These include UPS, FedEx, Parcels 2 Go and ISP Parcel, to name a few.  If you are shipping from island to island in the Caribbean, there are also some inter island shipping companies that you could tap to help you as they will have some very competitive pricing options available.  The only real problem with using them is that they do not have as big of a coverage area as some of the larger companies like FedEx.  Regardless of who you choose, be sure to get a tracking number for your parcels.

Parcel delivery limitations to Grenada

There are about two dozen things that you currently not allowed to ship to the Commonwealth of Grenada.  This list includes items like perfumes, acids, infectious substances, magnetized materials, any kind of ice or any bearer documents, to name a few.  You are also restricted from shipping a few other items, such as live plants and animals, there.  This means that you can ship them, but you will need to jump through a few more hoops to do so, such as file some extra paperwork and maybe even pay for a permit to do so.  It is best to check for the most up to date lists before you send your goods out the door just to make sure you do not have any unpleasant surprises.  If you have trouble finding the most current lists on line, you can always check with your shipping company for questions about your particular parcel's contents.