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International Parcel Package delivery Guadeloupe (Fr.)

Customs for parcel shipping to Guadeloupe (Fr.)

The Customs process in Guadeloupe falls under the umbrella of the French rules and regulations because it is technically a French over seas territory.  This means that you should follow the French rules and regulations for prohibited and restricted items when shipping there as well as follow any paperwork requirements that they may say they need.  Getting a thorough understanding of their procedures before you ship is vital to having your parcels get through their Customs department without any incident or hold up.  If you are missing paperwork, for instance, your parcel will be pulled from the processing line and held until you can straighten it out which is sometimes tricky when doing it from afar.

Who ships parcels to Guadeloupe (Fr.)

Given that Guadeloups is in the Leeward Islands, you are going to want to find some shipping companies that service them when looking for carriers to help you ship your goods.  Thankfully there are many parcel shipping companies that ship there, such as UShip, Parcels 2 Go and FedEx.  GLA Logistics and NEX also services Guadeloupe, as do a dozen others or so.  Be sure to do your due diligence on the companies you are looking into using before choosing the one to help you so you know they are reputable.

Packaging when shipping to Guadeloupe (Fr.)

Your shipping company will most likely have some guidelines for packaging in place for shipping parcels to Guadeloupe.  These guidelines will outline the weight and height suggestions for goods being shipped there, for example, and may include what packing materials are allowed by their companies.  Many parcel chipping companies will have packing supplies you can use, some of them for no charge, such as boxes and envelopes, making this part of the shipping process pretty easy to navigate. 

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