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parcels packages delivery Guinea Bissau

International Parcel Package delivery Guinea Bissau

Parcel delivery to Guinea Bissau

You can ship parcels to the Republic of Guinea Bissau in a number of ways given its location on the coast in West Africa.  Because of this, you can ship your parcels via air mail, ocean cargo freight liners or by road freight liners, depending on what works best for your particular needs. 

Parcel preparation when delivering to Guinea Bissau

Before you ship your goods to the Republic of Guinea Bissau you are going to want to make sure they are packaged appropriately.  This means that you choose a box or other container that fits your items securely without being too tight.  You will want to add in some padding materials such as Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap around fragile items to help keep them safe during transit.  If you have questions on how best to secure your items for shipping to this country, you should ask your shipping company for help.  Some shipping companies, such as FedEx, will even package your goods for you if you ask them for help.  Others will supply you with shipping materials and supplies so you have that part covered at least.  Also be sure to ask about what paperwork you need to include with your parcel to have it go through Customs with ease.

Parcel delivery limitations to Guinea Bissau

You will want to check for the most recent posting of prohibited and restricted items before shipping any parcels off to thr Republic of Guinea Bissau as these lists do change every so often.  Right now, you can not ship any kind of batteries, precious stones, money orders, any kind of ice or bearer documents to this country.  If you do try to accidentally ship any of these items there, they will be seized by the Customs department and most likely kept or returned to the sender at your expense. 

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