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Parcel delivery to Haiti

The Caribbean nation of Haiti shares an isle with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is classified as a developing country. A recent series of major earthquakes in 2008 and 2010 made the already fragile economic situation more precarious. As such Haiti has significantly opened up its policies on customs and trade. Humanitarian Goods and shipments from NGOs are not required to pay duty fees. Standard regulations apply to most commercial shipments.

Customs for parcel shipping to Haiti

Packages that weigh more than 31.5 kilograms can expect delays. There are no gift exemptions for shipments entering Haiti. There are no import value limits in Haiti either. Humanitarian aid and perishable items may be shipped duty free with approval from the MEF. This is a multistep process that involves submitting the appropriate documentation

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Haiti

It is prohibited to import numerous kinds of hazardous materials, which may include: acids, batteries, biological products, chemicals, corrosives, cosmetics, dangerous goods, flammables, gases, infectious substances, ice (dry, wet), liquids, magnets, oxidizers, paints, perfume, poisons, radioactive material, or toiletries. It is prohibited to ship items as bearer documents, computer print outs, developed film, micro film, satellites or satellite parts, and technical drawings into Haiti. Timber products from Liberia are forbidden, as are illicit narcotics, plants and animals, fertilizer, weapons, counterfeits, and pornography.

Parcel documents delivering to Haiti

In order to qualify for preferential treatment it is important to prepare a standard declaration. Shipments valued at over $100 USD require an Import Customs Declaration from the cosignee. If a shipment is held by Customs for some reason, a detention notice will be sent to the cosignee, who must select a broker to clear the shipment. Special restrictions apply to restricted commodities such as: antiques, fine art, jewelry, CD Roms and software, or personal effects. Prospective NGOs and humanitarian organizations should apply for clearance through the MEF.


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