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International Parcel Package delivery Heard & McDonald Isl.

Parcel delivery to Heard & McDonald Isl.

Because of the Heard Island and McDonald Islands sheer location in the Indian Ocean, away from land masses of any kind in all directions, there is not really any way to ship there.  Actually, there are currently no inhabitants on the islands and so there would be no one to ship to, even if you wanted to try to do so.  These islands are considered some of the most remote places on the planet and they are actually home two volcanos.  With this in mind, you may think that research teams may flock there and study.  While some researchers do occasionally go there to do geographical studying, there are never even temporary living quarters on the islands and therefore no shipping goes in or out of the islands even in those rare moments when some one is there. 

Parcel delivery destinations in Heard & McDonald Isl.

There are no delivery destinations in the Heard Island and McDonald Islands because no one lives there.  No one has even lived there on a temporary basis and therefore no formal shipping routes have ever been established to these remotes corners of the globe because there have never been any need to do so.

Customs for parcel shipping to Heard & McDonald Isl.

Hypothetically, if you were to ever ship to the Heard Island and McDonald Islands, you would probably want to adhere to the Customs procedures put forth by the Australian government because they own the island grouping.  This has never been established though because no one lives there, thus never prompting any one to make this a formal process or decree. 

Who ships parcels to Heard & McDonald Isl.

No one ships parcels to the Heard Island and McDonald Islands becaus eno one lives there, even on a temporary basis for research or something of that nature.