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Parcel delivery to Iraq

The Republic of Iraq is a Middle East country bordered by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Kuwait. It has a very small coast on the Persian Gulf that disqualifies it for landlocked country status. The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. The offical languages are Araic and Kurdish. The government was recently re-established following an invasion by American and British forces, who remained until 2011. The economy of Iran is highly dependent on petroleum.

Customs for parcel shipping to Iraq

The General Cmmission of Customs has been set up under the Ministry of Finance since 2005. They have an extensive mission statement for their future aims. To note the emerging trends in the global arena. To be mindful on how challenges will affect Iraq. To recognize the rapid changes happening in Iraq. To further recognize dynamic change is required by customs. Committing to a deeper and broader Iraq Customs department. Improving the flow of goods across the border. And further recognizing the need to form a long term vision.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Iraq

The following commodities are prohibited to import into Iraq: Israeli currency, illicit narcotics, weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, radioactive material, meat or dairy, cultural artifacts of significant historical importance, antique carpets, seditious and obscene material, unregistered animals, counterfeit currency or goods, and pornography. Poultry can not be imported from countries where there has been an outbreak of avian flu. Any traveller's entering Iraq are tested for AIDS, TB, syphilis, and leprosy as a condition of entry.

Parcel documents delivering to Iraq

Certain types of commodites from the Harmonized Tax Code require a certificate of origin. This is often true of electronics and textiles. To be valid, the certificate of origin must be an original form issued by the Chamber of Commerce with a seal or watermark on the paper. It should contain the shippers original signature in ink. There must be a detailed description of all of the goods contained in the shipment. Chemicals that can be used to manufacture explosives, including some fertilizers, require a special license from the Ministry of Trade.



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