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Customs for parcel shipping to Israel

Israel employs electronic declaration procedures for most imports. Private shipments valued at under $75 USD are generally exempt from duties. Commercial shipments worth less than $50 USD are also duty free. Shipments that are worth over $150 USD need to include an official invoice that include their VAT or Personal ID number before sending the parcel. A certificate of origin should be attached to the invoice if it is coming from Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, or Jordan. Duties and taxes are calculated according to origin, as well as the value of the commodities. Freight charges and other fees are also included.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Israel

The following commodities are prohibited from being imported to Israel: bearer documents, games of chance, collectable coins, knives with a blade larger than 10 centemeters, ice, military equipment, jewelry, precious stones, radioactive material, soil, medicine without a import license from the Ministry of Health (including for personal use), and personal effects.

Parcel documents delivering to Israel

In order to qualify for preferential treatment from preferred countries each declaration must be accompanied by the standard proof of origin. Most edibles, beauty products, and phamaraceuticals will require authorization from the Ministry of Health. Electronics, machine parts, construction materials, toys, shoes, and other items will need authorization from the Institute of Standards. Textiles, alcoholic beverages, and telecommunication equipment may require authorization from the Ministry of Commerce and Trade or the Ministry of Communications. Automotives go through the Ministry of Transportation.

Parcel delivery limitations to Israel

Antiques and fine art can only be imported with an International Special Commodities (ISC) contract. Jewelry can be imported provided it does not exceed the value of $500 USD. To send medicine it is necessary to acquire an import license from the Ministry of Health. Samples must be worth less than $50 to be considered so. Shipments worth less than $45 USD are considered gifts.

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