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Parcel delivery to Japan

All parcels that enter Japan are required to undergo an Import Declaration process. Most declarations are filed electronically to the Customs office where the shipment arrives. By the time that the cargo arrives to Japan, most of the shipments have already been cleared for delivery.There are three types of declaration, manifest clearance, low value, and high value.

Customs for parcel shipping to Japan

Assuming the commodities do not fall under the category of restricted items, a manifest clearance applies if the value of the parcel is less than 10,000 yen. A low value parcel is worth between 10,001-200,999 yen, including restricted commodities. High value parcels are worth over 201,000 yen. If a package is held for Customs clearance it is sent to a bonded warehouse. Then they verify that all the regulations have been met and either clear or hold the parcel. Items may be held up to 30 days as long as they are not perishable. Extensions of up to two years may be obtained while clearing customs.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Japan

The following commodities are prohibited from being imported into Japan: products made in North Korea, products made in Iran, copyright infringements and counterfeits, plants and animals (due to a quarantine), soil, green coffee beans, Christmas ornaments, illicit narcotics, toy guns, and weapons. Restricted items that may require a permit are animal skins, books, checks, clothing and shoes, coffee, cosmetics, credit cards, CDs and discs, prescription drugs, films and tapes, foodstuffs, medical supplies, vitamins, mechanical parts, veterinary supplies, toys, textiles, and vitamins.

Parcel documents delivering to Japan

Although declarations can be filed electronically any manifest clearances are required to sumit a physical copy of the declaration as well as any additional documentation that may be needed. For example certain types of commodities may call for a commercial invoice, a certificate for tax reduction or exemption, a certificate of origin, an insurance certificate, freight accounts, packing lists, and any applicable license or certification. Be sure to check with Customs or your broker if you are shipping any restricted items.


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