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International Parcel Package delivery Kiribati

Who ships parcels to Kiribati

Even though the Republic of Kiribati has a population of over 100,000, it still does not have all that many shipping companies that service this island grouping.  This is, in part, to its geographical location in the Pacific Ocean.  It is not the easiest island chain to get to, which most likely steers some shipping companies away from even trying to deliver there. That being said, FedEx and UPS ship there as well as ISP Parcel.  It is best to do a quick Google search when you are ready to ship to find out who currently services the island and go from there.  Again, since not too many companies service there, you are unfortunately faced with not all that great of pricing options but at least you can get something there.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Kiribati

The only real security threat to consider when shipping to the Republic of Kiribati has to do with piracy.  This is not specifically because pirates are targeting the island nation but because of the large amounts of waterways that your parcels have to pass through in order to get there if you send your goods via ocean cargo freight liners.  Obviously if you send something via air mail you will not face this particular problem.  Regardless of how you choose to ship though, it is still a good idea to look into getting some insurance on you items just in case something happens along the way.  This will be an addition al charge above and beyond your normal shipping fees though. 

Parcel transit times to Kiribati

The amount of time it takes your parcel to get from you to your ultimate destination in the Republic of Kiribati will depend on a few factors such as where you are when you send it, how you send it, and the speed you choose at that time. 

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