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Customs for parcel shipping to Kuwait

Customs in Kuwait works largely by quanitity, although the type of commodity being shipped is an important factor. Shipments weighing over 3 kilograms have a separate customs procedure. If there are over 100 shipments that weigh over 3 kilograms, then each unit requires a Tasfiya (decree). Each Tasifiya amounts to an additional charge from the Kuwaiti government. Shipments are also counted by quantity of pieces. If there are over 20 pieces in a shipment it will be held and physically counted, which will result in a delay. Duties and taxes are charges by the value of the shipment as well as freight charges.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Kuwait

The following types of goods are prohibited from being imported into Kuwait: gold or jewelry that has not been approved by th Ministry of Commerce, any media that displays the female anatomy, items that are considered offensive to the government or culture of Kuwait, items considered offensive to Muslims, products made in Israel or Iran, pornography, and poisons or toxins. In addition diaries or personal accounts that contain any form of material considered offensive will be found and destroyed. Shipments containing over 1,500 diaries require a certificate of origin. Please allow 3-4 days for censorship.

Parcel documents delivering to Kuwait

All shipments valued at over 422 dinars ($1500 USD) require a certificate of origin. The certificate of origin must be notorized by the Chamber of Commerce in the origin country. There must also be a commercial invoice. Any shipments that are not accompanied by the Certificate of Origin and a itemized invoice will be seized until the proper documentation can be provided. If the documents are not received then the shipment becomes the property of Kuwait. Documentation restriction do not apply to official shipments of the U.S. Air Force.

Parcel delivery limitations to Kuwait

There are several commodity specific stipulations to take into account. Many types of products require special clearance from the designated authority. The Ministry of Health controls the importation of medicine and drugs, any type of supplement or vitamin. The Public Authority of Environment approves chemical shipments. The Ministry of Commerce approves televisions, jewelry, and luxury items. The Ministry of Communication does telecommunication equipment. Any form of media must be approved by the Ministry of Information. Food is approved by the destination municipality.

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