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Parcel delivery to Lebanon

Lebanon lays on the eastern banks of the Mediterranean Sea, snugly between Israel, Jordan, and Syria.  There are over four million people living in Lebanon speaking mostly Arabic and French. The capital of Lebanon is Beruit, with a population renowned for their commercial enterprise. Despite a long history of civil strife, the economy of Lebanon has been making strides. The Beruit Airport is very modern, but much of the internal infastructure of roads has been damaged by war.

Customs for parcel shipping to Lebanon

The mission of the Lebanon Customs Administration is to promote voluntary compliance with local laws and regulations. They serve four major functions: 1) the collection of taxes and duties, 2) prevention of smuggling and fraud, 3) protecting the general welfare of Lebanon, 4) providing accurate records of international trade. Customs carefully inspects each shipment, especially the ones from South America.  Tariffs and duties vary according to the type and amount of the commodity in question.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Lebanon

Letters should be sent in a separate envelope for each cosignee. Do not attempt to mail more than one letter in a single envelope because it may be seized and fined by Customs. All forms of media (written, audio, video) must be cleared by the censor prior to entering the country. 

The following commodities are prohibited from entering Lebanon: items offensive to the Muslim culture, anything from Palestine, liquor, tobacco, pornography, games of chance, levi jeans, bearer documents, dngerous goods, graphite, ice, minerals or mineral products, phone jacks, powdered substances, and hazardous substances.

Parcel documents delivering to Lebanon

If the value of the shipment is over $400 USD then an original invoice is required. Any shipments worth over $950 USD are require to undergo a formal entry process. Persons wishing to qualify for preferential treatment towards taxes and duties should include a standard declaration. The standard declaration includes a certificate of origin and an invoice. Food stuffs and pharmaceuticals need to be approved by the Minstry of Health before shipment.

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