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International Parcel Package delivery Liberia

Parcel delivery to Liberia

Shipping to the Republic of Liberia is fairly easy, given it has a vast coast line to recieve ocean cargo freight liners, and plenty of space at the airports to recieve air mail.  You can also ship there via road freight trucks, assuming your parcels will be sent from or through a neighboring country.  No matter which method of shipping you choose for your parcel, you will want to make sure that you get a good feel for the route that your parcel will take to get to its destination as well as the procedure for their final delivery once it clears through Customs. 

Customs for parcel shipping to Liberia

The Customs procedure in the Republic of Liberia is similar to shipping anywhere else in West Africa.  They have certain documentation that they require you to have with your parcel, such as Bill of Lading and a Certificate of Origin.  They will also have a check list of goods that are restricted and prohibited from entering the country, which you should have checked before you ship there.  Keep in mind that they reserve the right to check any and all packages that are shipped to the country so it is best to assume that your parcel will be one of the one's that is searched. 

Who ships parcels to Liberia

ISP Parcels, Parcels 2 Go, and UPS all ship to the Republic of Liberia, as do USPS and FedEx.  GLS Logistics ships there too, as does Russells Freight.  It is a good idea to do a quick Google search for a current list of parcel shipper to this country before deicing on which carrier to use so that you have a complete list to choose from and do some due diligence researching.

Packaging when shipping to Liberia

Most parcel shipping companies will have some supplies you can use when shipping, such as boxes and envelopes.  This holds true when shipping something to the Republic of Liberia as well so you should ask to see what they have for your use.

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