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Security concerns when shipping parcels to Libya

There are quite a few security concerns when shipping parcels to the State of Libya.  This is mainly because of the high amount of arms trafficking that occurs both within Libya and in the region as a whole.  With that in mind, you should safely assume that your parcels will be searched to make sure their contents are within the legal shipping codes there.  Unfortunately, along with this type of illegal activity also comes thievery, both for larger shipments and smaller parcels.  Some believe that parcels that seem to carry gifts are targeted while others theorize that larger goods are more focused upon by these criminals.  No matter which theory is correct, you will still want to take out some insurance on your items in case you fall victim to this kind of behavior. 

Parcel transit times to Libya

The State of Libya gets daily deliveries from all over the globe, by it by ocean cargo freight liners, air mail or by road freight trucks so you should not have any trouble getting a fairly accurate time quote from your shipping company. 

Parcel delivery limitations to Libya

The list of prohibited and restricted items when shipping to the State of Libya changes from time to time so it is best to verify your goods against this list to make sure they are allowed before sending them out the door.  At this time, you are prohibited from sending any antiques, tapes (video or audio), bearer documents, liquor, jewelry, furs and cosmetics, among a few other things.  There are other items, like money, that is restricted from being freely shipped there.   This means that you will need to get special permission before shipping and adhere by any guidelines, such as quantity or permits, that they may have pertaining to your specific parcel. You can check with both the Customs department there as well as your shipping company for guidance on this point as both can help you.

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