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Parcel delivery destinations in Mali

When you ship to the Republic of Mali, you will want to take into account where you are trying to ship your goods to.  Big cities, like Bamako, have the infrastructure needed for delivery services to most of the people there.  But if you are trying to ship to some place more rural, like perhaps in the North, you are going to have some difficulty getting your parcels to them.  Talk to your shipping company for their final delivery plans so that you and your recipient can be prepared. 

Customs for parcel shipping to Mali

The Customs department in the Republic of Mali is fairly efficient, albeit a bit slow.  Their main job is to keep the country safe by checking shipments that are attempting to enter the country.  This means that they have the right to search any and all parcels that go there as they see fit.  In reality this is typically a randomized searching process with the larger and more expensive packages being searched more frequently.  The biggest thing you, the sender, can do to help move things along in a timely manner is to make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork filled out and attached to your parcel before you ship it.  It is much, much harder to resolve problems with paperwork once it is out the door as opposed to before you even send it.  For help with this, you can either contact the Customs office in Mali or talk to your shipping company.

Who ships parcels to Mali

If you are just shipping a parcel, you could go with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL or TNT to ship to the Republic of Mali.  There are many other shipping companies that can help you if you are trying to ship larger loads that would require a container for shipping and maybe even larger transport like an ocean cargo freight liner.  But if you just have a small parcel or two, this route will not be nearly as cost effective as going with someone who caters to the not so big shipments like those companies mentioned above.

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