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The Principality of Monaco is a 1.98 square kilometer territory of France. It is located on the southern coast, east of Nice, near the Italian border. According to the CIA World Factbook Monaco is the richest country in the world with a 0% poverty and 0% unemployment rate. Monaco has been a sovereign country since 1861 but are still under the military protection of France. The official language is French and Italian is also common. The capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo. It is a world renowned gambling destination and playground for the rich and famous.

Customs for parcel shipping to Monaco

Monaco is subject to free trade between other member states of the EU. Most declarations in the EU are filed electronically. This expedites the formalized process of customs inspection significantly. Before the goods have arrived Customs has already started to review the manifest to determine each shipments contents. Items that require additional inspection are placed aside and the rest are forwarded to the national mail service for delivery. The parcels are scanned at key points throughout the process. Customs has the right to remove any parcel from circulation to examine its contents.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Monaco

The following commodities are prohibited to import to Monaco: asbestosis, bearer documents, creatin, hazardous materials, dangerous goods, drug paraphernalia, graphite, melatonin and DHEA, modems between private individuals, psychotropic medications, products containing lead salt or nickel, seeds, soil, tobacco, Viagra, vitamins or health supplements. Meat or dairy may only imported from the EU, with exemptions for  Andorra, Croatia, the Faeroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland. Monoco is a member of CITES and will not permit any products made from endangered plants or animals.

Parcel documents delivering to Monaco

Certain products from certain countries can only be imported with the correct import license. Import licenses can be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Trade. There does not have to be a certificate of origin but if Customs doubts the origin of a shipment they may request one as proof. A valid certificate of origin is an original for that contains the shipper's signature in ink. It has to be issued by the Chamber of Commerce with a seal or watermark in the paper. The shipper should provide a detailed description of the goods that includes materials and dimensions.


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