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Parcel delivery to Montserrat

Given that Montserrat is in the Leeward Islands, any shipping company that ships parcels to this island grouping will service this island specifically.  You may have a hard time finding your options for carriers if you search for parcel delivery options to this island as opposed to the Leeward Islands as a whole too so make sure to keep that in kind as you search.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Montserrat

The only real concern for security when shipping to the Leeward Islands is that of piracy.  This does not occur all that often but it has happened in the past, as it has in all of Caribbean.  Because of this, it is advisable that you get some insurance on your goods before you ship them just in case.  

Parcel documents delivering to Montserrat

The specific documents that you will need when shipping to Montserrat will vary slightly based upon what exactly you are trying to ship there.  You are definitely going to need a Bill of Lading and a Certificate of Origin, no matter what.  Beyond these, you may need the original commercial invoice and packing slip of your order if that is applicable to what you are trying to send there.  You can either check with the Customs department in the Leeward Islands for help on this matter or with your shipping company as they will be able to help. 

Parcel delivery limitations to Montserrat

As with shipping a parcel to anywhere else, you will want to check the country's listings for shipping prohibitions and restrictions at the time of shipping as they do get updated every so often.  Currently you are not allowed to ship a few items, such as acids and bearer documents, to Montserrat.  You can ship other things, like live plants, but only with prior approval and written documentation of such affix to your parcel.  Failure to have this documentation with your shipment will cause your parcel to be pulled and detained while you try to straighten it out from afar.