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Parcel delivery to Myanmar

Shipping parcels to Myanmar, or Burma, is sometimes a bit tricky due to certain sanctions that are in place.  These sanctions do change from time to time and are in place between Myanmar and other countries that vary, but you should check to see what are in place before you ship to make sure you are not violating any of them by shipping certain items unknowingly. 

Customs for parcel shipping to Myanmar

The Customs process in Myanmar is a bit sluggish, to put it politely.  You can expect it to take some time to process almost all parcels that are being shipped there and, depending on the luck of draw, you may be faced with a more highly trafficked time when you particular parcel gets there.  You can help to speed things along by having your paperwork filled out correctly so that is not a factor holding you up.

Parcel tracking to Myanmar

Getting a tracking number for your parcel when shipping to Myanmar is a smart thing to do.  Yoy can typically get one for very little money and then you can track your goods along the way until they get delivered.  A lot of times you can get a delivery confirmation along with your tracking number as well.  Check with your shipping company for their options while choosing a carrier to go with.

Parcel delivery limitations to Myanmar

As with any country, you should check for the most current list of prohibited and restricted items before shipping to Myanmar to make sure your items are even allowed to be shipped there.  Currently you are not allowed to ship any coins, bank notes, perishable biological substances, or radio active materials there, as well as a few other items.  You are also restricted from sending about a dozen other items, like hypodermic needles, there without special permission prior to sending (in this example from the Government itself).  If your goods require special permission, you will need to have it in hand before you ship otherwise you can expect your parcels to be seized or even returned to you for violating these regulations. 

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