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International Parcel Package delivery New Zealand

Customs for parcel shipping to New Zealand

New Zealand customs charges fee on good coming in and out of the country. When you import goods into New Zealand you may have to pay a number of fees based on factors such as whether they are for personal or business use, and whether they are covered by a concession or allowance. All goods brought into the country for business or commercial purposes will be subject to duties and other applicable fees. You may submit proper clearances yourself or hire a freight forwarder to calculate it for you.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to New Zealand

There are certain items that are prohibited from being brought into the country for purposes of environmental and national security. These items include food of any kind, plants or plant matter, animals (alive or dead) and their byproducts, animal equipment, equipment that may have come in contact with organic matter (golf clubs, used bicycles, camping gear), and biological specimens. Failure to declare any and all organic matter may result in a $400 fine. A serious breach of biosecurity laws is punishable by a $100,000 fine or up to 5 years in prison.

Parcel documents delivering to New Zealand

To import goods into New Zealand they need to know exactly what is coming in to the country. An import entry clearance gives detailed information on the goods that are being delivered. This can be done by submitting an “import entry” or Electronic Cargo Information (ECI) online. In many cases a broker will accomplish this procedure on your behalf. Customs will use the detailed information contain in the document to determine duties, taxes, and any quarantine restrictions that may be applicable.

Parcel delivery limitations to New Zealand

As part of the United Nations the country of New Zealand is subject to the same international trade laws used to enforce legal standards. This of course includes illegal narcotics, hazardous materials, weapons, and endangered animals. It is illegal to use tobacco for any other purpose than smoking. Snuff or chewing tobacco will be seized. Some dog tracking devices are illegal because they work on the same broadcast frequency as vital communication systems. Morally objectionable publications involving graphic sex, horror, crime, cruelty, or violence are forbidden by law.

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