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Parcel delivery to Nicaragua

The Republic of Nicaragua is fairly easy to ship parcels, given that they have a vast ocean front and plenty of deliveries coming in daily to their airports.  No matter how you ship there, you can get a tracking number affixed to your package so you can follow it along its journey and know just when it arrives.  You can also get some insurance on your parcel in most cases so that if anything happens to it, then you can get financially reimbursed for your expense at least.

Who ships parcels to Nicaragua

There are many companies that can ship a parcel to the Republic of Nicaragua for you, which is a good thing as you will be able to compare price quotes before making a decision of who to go with.  USPS, UPS, and FedEx all ship there on a regular basis.  Parcel Bound and ISP Parcel ship there too.  It is a good idea to check on their final delivery options before ultimately choosing one company over another because some will hire local companies to do the final delivery as opposed to having their company workers on the ground to handle it the entire way.  No matter which you choose, ask about a tracking number and insurance for your parcels when you are getting your price quotes so you can factor that cost in. 

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Nicaragua

There is quite a bit of concern over security, especially at the borders, when shipping parcels to the Republic of Nicaragua.  These security threats are mostly involving drug smuggling, but sometimes include other illegal goods such as arms.  With this kind of activity happening, it should come as no real shock that sometimes legal parcels are caught up in the hooplah of all this and lost or damaged accidentally.  This is why you should consider getting some insurance on your goods so that if it does happen to you, you can get at least get your money back for your items.

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