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parcels packages delivery Northern Mariana Isl.

International Parcel Package delivery Northern Mariana Isl.

Parcel delivery to Northern Mariana Isl.

Even though the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is a United States territory, you will still be looking at paying for International shipping fees when shipping there from either the United States or from Puerto Rico as a rule of thumb.  Thankfully you have many options for both shipping companies and for shipping speeds when you are trying to send something there which let's you pick and choose who to use.

Customs for parcel shipping to Northern Mariana Isl.

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is a United States territory, just like Puerto Rico.  This means that if you send a parcel there, the Customs procedures will be similar to that of sending something to the United States.  They take their border's security very seriously and retain, and use, the right to search parcels as they try to enter the island.  The Customs officials will check for the paperwork to be filled out as appropriate to your specific items that you are trying to ship as well make sure the contents follow the guidelines put forth in their prohibited and restricted items lists which you can find on line.  The Customs officials there also reserve the right to assess a duty on your goods if they are valued at a certain point or if they are of a certain nature, such as a high quantity of alcohol, as an example.  For a guess on how much of a duty fee you will be assessed for your particular shipment, you can go on line to a duty calculator or ask your shipping company for help.

Parcel transit times to Northern Mariana Isl.

Where you ship your package from will be a big determining factor in how quickly it gets to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  Beyond this, you can have a bit of a say in how fast it gets there by looking at your expedited shipping options if you are shipping your parcel via air mail.  This will cost you a bit extra but will save you some valuable time in most cases which may be important, depending on what you are trying to ship.


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