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Customs for parcel shipping to Panama

Thanks in part to a liberal customs policy initiated in a pact with the WTO to encourage economic development Panama has a liberal policy rearding the importation of goods. Customs in Panama is fast, efficient, and reliable. The formal entry process takes approximately 72 to 96 hours. Tariffs in Panama are the lowest in the region, with an average of 12% and a maximum of 15%. Televisions and electronics owe an additional 5% tax (Tributario de Bienes y Muebles).

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Panama

Panama prohibits the importation of certain commodoties including: certain plants and seeds, anti-Panama propaganda, opium, bearer documents, foreign lottery tickets, most firearms and explosives, alcohol that is not fit for human consumption, wet ice, hazardous liquids, poisons, radioactive material, timber products from Liberia, counterfeit currency, or equipment used to manufacture currency.

Parcel documents delivering to Panama

Basic documentation to import goods into Panama includes: an offical import declaration, a commercial invoice, 3 copies of the bill of lading. Certain transactions may require a commercial license number, a phytosanitary certificate, a certificate of free sale, or a certificate of origin. There are no license required to import goods into Panama, although a certificate is need for agricultural items and weapons. Import licenses are obtained at the Ministry of Security.

Parcel delivery limitations to Panama

Animal products, medicine, and weapons require a formal entry process to be cleared by Customs. Most documents can be classified as samples if they weigh less than 2 kilograms. This includes brochures, calendars, catalogs, credit cards, discs, blank envelopes, blank forms, greeting cards, and photographs. Books and newspapers are tax and duty free. To be considered a gift a parcel must be valued at less than $25 USD. Food and wood require a special phytosanitary certificate. Weapons can only be cleared from the Justice and Government Ministry.

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