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International Parcel Package delivery Papua New Guinea

Customs for parcel shipping to Papua New Guinea

The Customs process in the State of Papua New Guinea is fairly well established, although it can be a bit slow at times.  The determining factor is generally how overloaded they may be and how they are currently staffed.  They do have procedures and policies in place to help their security and to make sure that people do not ship illegal or prohibited items into the country such as acids or something.  They will be checking to make sure your paperwork is filled out properly on your parcels so make sure you have that in order before you ship.  Their web site can help you with this as well as your shipping company is a good resource of what you need to fill out when shipping there. 

Who ships parcels to Papua New Guinea

Worldwide Parcels Services and Parcels 2 Go both ship parcels to the State of Papua New Guinea on a regular basis so are worth looking into for help getting your items there.  FedEx and UPS naturally ship there too, but it may be worth looking at smaller companies like P4D or USPS to help you too as they may have some good pricing options.  GLS Logistics and Voovit ship there as well, the latter specializing in vehicle shipping as well as larger items if you need help with that.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Papua New Guinea

There is a bit of theft that comes along with shipping to the State of Papua New Guinea that should be noted, but it is not as ramped as some other countries so it should be seen as a deterrent to ship there altogether.  You will probably want to get some insurance on your goods before you ship though just in case something happens to your specific parcel.  This way you will at least be compensated for the declared monetary value of your items even if you are going to be out the goods and the cost of shipping unfortunately. 

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