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Parcel delivery to Philippines

Imports and international parcels to the Philippines are recieved by the Bereau of Customs. Imports are divided into three categories: freely importable commodities, regulated commodities, and prohibited commodities. Freely importable commodities are not regulated and may be cleared without prior approval. Regulated commodities require special clearance from an approved government agency. Prohibited commodities are not permitted by law. Companies that import goods must be registered with Customs and Intelligence Service to request a Taxpayers Identification Number.

Customs for parcel shipping to Philippines

It is the duty of Customs to verify all appropriate documentation and administer the collection of taxes and duties. The process for determining a shipments worth is based on the transaction value. This is the price that was actually paid to th exporter in exchange for the goods in question. The cost of transport is included in the price. If the stated value is inaccurate the parcel may be seized. Duties and taxes are based on the current market value of the imported goods. The parcel is not cleared until the full amount has been paid.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Philippines

It is prohibited to import the following items into the Philippines: opium pipes, cannabis, guns and gun replicas, used rags, illicit narcotics, adulterated food or drugs, unmarked jewelry, games of chance, anti government or rebellious propaganda, explosives and weapons. Additionally restricted items that require additional approval include: antiques, fine art, used clothing, jewelry, medicine and medical devices, printed media, and videograms (tapes, films, DVDS).

Parcel documents delivering to Philippines

International imports must be accompanied by an airway bill or a bill of lading, a commercial invoice, and a packing list. Regulated commodities will require additional documentation from the proper government agency. Please check if you are sending fertilizer, products of animal origin, motor vehicles, movies or videos, products of plant origin, or telecommunications equipment. Importers who wish to pay through the Central Bank of the Philippines will need a Letter of Acceptance, Documents Against Acceptance and Payment, Open Account Arrangements, and Direct Remittance.


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