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Parcel delivery destinations in Polynesia (Fr.)

Even though the French Polynesia is technically several islands, you can ship to pretty much any where within this island grouping.  Tahiti is the most well known island in the French Polynesia, but any of the islands there receives deliveries to its shores.  Some specific addresses in this island grouping, however, will not be serviced to their doorstep.  Instead, these addresses will be required to go to a centralized location, such as a post office box or something of that nature, to collect their parcels.  Your shipping company will be able to alert you before you ship if this applies to your shipment so you can make the proper arrangements in advance.

Customs for parcel shipping to Polynesia (Fr.)

Seeing that the French Polynesia is a group of islands that is part of the French Republic, you will need to adhere to the French Custom's policies and guidelines when shipping there.  The islands will have their own citizens working in the Customs department checking your parcels in and inspecting them as they enter the country, but the rules and regulations that they are following are the same as those in France.  This means that the French list of prohibited and restricted items (which does change from time to time) is applicable to this island group and should be checked before you ship there.  This also means that you will need to fill to fill out all the appropriate forms in either English or French for their Customs office to check.  If you need help with the documents or have questions about their policies or what to expect, you can either contact their Custom's department directly or talk to your shipping company for help in the matter.

Packaging when shipping to Polynesia (Fr.)

You will want to ask your shipping company for their guidelines for packaging when shipping to the French Polynesia as they may have some recommendations for size and such before you ship your goods out the door.