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Customs for parcel shipping to Russia

Russia recently introduced control measures intended to strengthen the authority of Customs. Failure to provide the required documentation on all imports can result in significant delays. There is a strict focus on the accuracy of the documentation. Only shipments which meet compliance standards can be accepted.This includes the true value of the goods as stated on the declaration. Shipments must be addressed to approved commercial importers and not private addresses.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Russia

The following items are prohibited from being imported into Russia: dairy and meat products from Armenia or Georgia, fruit and vegetables, seeds, arms and ammunition, hazardous materials and chemicals, illicit narcotics, Acipenseridae family fish (sturgeons) or anything thereof, propaganda, films, photographs, or print material directed against the Russian government, credit cards, counterfeit goods, devices for smoking opium or hasish, dietary supplements, unprocessed gemstones and more. Consult an up to date list of prohibited and restricted goods before sending a parcel.

Parcel documents delivering to Russia

Commercial shipments are required to provided an original invoice that has been completely filled out, a copy of insurance, the price as verified by the seller, an export declaration, and any special permissions needed. Additionally, the recipient must provide charter registration, a trade contract, a signed brokerage contract, a passport of import deal, and any applicable permits and fees. Inter company shipments are allowed with a price list. Non commercial shipments will need a proforma invoice and a copy of insurance. They have an option to pay the fees. The recipient will need charter documents, a translation of the invoice, permission from the Russian Authorities, and any applicable fees.

Parcel delivery limitations to Russia

Senders are free to import up to 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, or 500 grams of tobacco, and up to 2 litres of alcohol. A reasonable amounty of perfume and personal goods may be sent up to the amount of 65,000 rubles. You can send up to 250 grams of factory packed caviar. Certain items require special permission to export including weapons and dangerous materials, precious metals and stones, endangered species, powerful drugs, radio technology that operates on a frequency higher tha 9Hz, extremist propaganda, and culturally significant objects.

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