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International Parcel Package delivery Rwanda

Who ships parcels to Rwanda

There are many companies that ship parcels to the Republic of Rwanda on a regular basis. Washington Express and Parcels 2 Go are two reputable ones, the former being a courier service if you choose to go that route.  Parcel Force, USPS and UPS also service this country and are worth looking at for a price quote or two.  Be sure to ask about expedited services when getting your price quotes and what kind of parcel tracking they offer as well as insurance options. 

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Rwanda

Shipping a parcel to the Republic of Rwanda has its challenges, especially when looked at from a security standpoint.  There is a quite a bit of political unrest there that flares up from time to time.  These moments of unrest not only pull vital governmental and law enforcement personnel to focus on that specific event off of protecting and processing your shipments, but it interrupts the flow of the process causing delays and ultimately mistakes in the chain of events.  Besides just general mistakes that occur, there is thievery happening in the midst of all this, both from inside the government and outside as criminals target delivery trucks on occasion.  All of this means that you are strongly advised to get some insurance on your items that you ship to this country if at all possible.  This will, at the very least, give you back the money you spent on your goods (or at least declared) but you will still be out the money and time you spent to ship it.

Parcel documents delivering to Rwanda

You are going to want to have a Bill of Lading and a Certificate of Origin filled out in duplicate when shipping a parcel to the Republic of Rwanda.  You should also make sure the original commercial invoice and the packing slip are included, if that is applicable to your specific parcel.  Other than these, you may need addition documentation based on what you are shipping which your shipping company can advise you on more thoroughly.

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