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Parcel delivery to Thailand

In most cases if the parcel is worth less than 1000 baht ($32.77 USD) it may enter the country tax and duty free. Informal customs clearance is applicable for items such as paper media, aircraft parts, personal effects sent via air freight, or gifts and samples valued at less than 20,000 baht. Formal customs clearance can be performed electronically or manually. Shipments are divided into two categories: red line and green line. Red line shipments need customs to assess the duty before payment can be made. Green line shipments can pay the duty pre assessment.

Customs for parcel shipping to Thailand

Products are valued at the standard market prices. Tariff rates vary according to the type of commodity from 1 to 30 percent. Exemptions may be available for machinery and raw materials. Some goods may be charged an excise duty in addition to the value added tax. There are sometimes processing charges for re-packing or re-assembly of shipments.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Thailand

It is prohibited to ship the following types of goods to Thailand: tobacco, beef, seeds, Arsenic/Phosphorus sulfides, Ethylene Dichloride, N-Ethylaniline and N-Diethylaniline, Thallium waste and scrap, games of chance, guns or imitation guns including toys, or religious material.

There are many types of restricted commodities that require an import license. These may include: animal skins, cellphones, coffee, telecommunications equipment (radios, telephones, satellites), cosmetics, CD Roms, dairy products, dental instruments, pharmaceuticals, electronics, eye wear, food stuffs, military equipment, marble, measuring equipment, video games, supplements, used items, veterinary products, and vitamins.

Parcel documents delivering to Thailand

Form Gor Sor Gor 99 is required for formal customs clearance, while informal customs clearance is done using Form Gor Sor Gor 102. Form Gor Sor Gor 103 is to expedite shipment of perishable goods.

Other documents that should be provided include an airway bill, a full commercial invoice with business letterhead, the packing list, proof of insurance, the certificate of origin, and any other commodity specific documentation. Commercial importers should apply for a license with the Thai Department of Commerce.


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