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Parcel tracking to Togo

No matter where you are going to be shipping your parcel from in the first place, it is best to get a tracking number.  This will allow you to watch your parcels progress as it makes its way to the Togolese Republic and it can even alert you when it is finally delivered.  There will be a nominal fee above and beyond your shipping costs for this but it is well worth it for the peace of mind it brings.

Parcel documents delivering to Togo

The documentation that you will need in order to successfully ship your parcel to the Togolese Republic will vary slightly based on what it is that you are trying to ship there.  As a rule of thumb, you are going to need to fill out a Bill of Lading and affix it to your parcel.  The Customs department there will check this list, as well as the original commercial invoice (if applicable) and assess a duty possibly.  They may also require that you have other documentation with your goods if it is on the restricted list of items.  Your shipping company will be able to help you get all these documents in order before you ship.

Parcel delivery limitations to Togo

There is currently a list of about three dozen items that you are prohibited from shipping to the Togolese Republic, but this list should be checked before you ship as it does change from time to time.  Currently you can not ship any acids, batteries of any kind, any undeveloped film, jewelry, knives, magnetized materials, oxidizers, perfumes or precious stones, to name a few.  You are also restricted from sending certain other items, such as explosives, to the country.  This means that you can only send them from other countries and with the proper approval before you send them.  You should consult with your shipping company and with the Customs department before you send your parcels off to see if your items fall under these two listings.  If they do, then you can get instructions from them on what to do.

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