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Parcel delivery to Ukraine

Failure to provide the proper documentation (see below) can result in a significant delay for shipments. If the shipment has not been cleared within 30 days it will be automaticaly shipped back to the sender. Door to door delivery is available in most cities. But in some small towns the cosignee must pick up their shipments at an appointed location.

Customs for parcel shipping to Ukraine

Shipments worth less than 1,000 euros can be cleared via a simple declaration. Shipments that are worth more than 1,000 euros, or that weigh over 50 kilograms will require a full import customs declaration. The duties and taxes take the value of the shipment into consideration, including the type of goods, as well as shipping and other charges. Commodity specific restrictions may apply to many goods including: automotive parts, ceramic tiles, chemicals, coffee, media and software,cosmetics, medicine and pharmaceuticals, leather, maps, telecommunications equipment, power supplies, samples, and electronics.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Ukraine

It is prohibited to import any kind of hazardous items into the Ukraine which may or may not include: acids, batteries, biological products, chemicals, corrosives, cosmetics, dangerous goods, flammables, gases, ice of any kind, infectious substances, knives, certain liquors, magnets, radioactive material, oxidizers, paints, perfume, poisons, or toiletries. Aditionally the following types of commodities are prohibited: any printed material advocating terrorism, violence, war, racism, anti-semitism or facism, x-rays, tableware, stocks, soil seeds, passports, money orders, micro film, liquor, prescription drugs and illicit narcotics, diskettes, credit cards, fine art, and antiques.

Parcel documents delivering to Ukraine

All imports into the Ukraine are required to have one of two types of declaration. A standard declaration is required for all exporters in the EU or other approved nations. It must include proof of origin. Import declarations require a formal entry process. Every formal entry must include a customs accreditation card, a tax committee currency control document, a contact between the shipper and cosignee, a translation of the invoice, and the original payment order. Additionally certain commodities may call for a form of permission, certificate, or other approval from Customs authorities.


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