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International Parcel Package delivery United Arab Emirates

Customs for parcel shipping to United Arab Emirates

The UAE Federal Customs Authority is one of the oldest government departments in the country. It is sometimes referred to as the mother of all the other departments. Dubai being one of the oldest trading centers in the world, the tradition of levying, collecting duties and taxes on imported goods, goes back for centuries. Today they maintain a vision of acheiving the highest possible standards in international trade and public safety. Their mission is to implement Customs policies while discouraging fraud and smuggling.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to United Arab Emirates

As a Muslim country the laws and regulations are somewhat stricter than in other countries. Narcotics are strictly forbidden, including many prescription pain killers and psychotropics. All forms of literature and media will be inspected in accordance with standards of decency. Anything considered to be flagrantly anti religious or anti government can be confiscated. Outside cultural artifacts are not permitted. Pornography is illegal including nude artworks and other suggestive material. Gambling and games of chance are prohibited. 

Parcel documents delivering to United Arab Emirates

Goods entering the UAE should include a detailed inventory in English, including the original and two copies, as well as an insurance certificate. Usually the freight forwarder or shipping company will handle this for you. The UAE Federal Customs Authority has the right to inspect any shipment that enters the country in compliance with legal standards. If an item is deemed illegal, or if it contradicts Islamic teachings, it may be seized without the senders permission. Tariffs may apply depending on the value of the contents within the parcel. 

Parcel delivery limitations to United Arab Emirates

A non commercial amount of goods is said to be anything worth less than 3,000 UAE Dirhams. This may also include less than 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 500 grams of tobacco, 4 liters of alcohol, or two cartons of beer. Counterfeit items and products made from endangered animals are prohibited, as are goods from countries with no diplomatic ties to the UAE. Three layer fishing nets, inlaid tires, and homemade foodstuffs should not be sent to the UAE; neither should raw fish or any fowl from Asia or a country with a high risk for Avian flu.


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