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International Parcel Package delivery Vanuatu

Parcel delivery to Vanuatu

Shipping to the Republic of Vanuatu can be done either via ocean cargo freight liners or via air mail.  It is not geographically close enough to another land mass to enable any bridges or anything to be erected though so that mode of transport for your parcels is out of the question.  It is in the Southern Pacific Ocean though so getting there is not the fastest track in the world, even for airplanes, which may add to some of the quoted transit times being a bit longer than you may have guessed in the first place. 

Parcel preparation when delivering to Vanuatu

The biggest thing you will need to do to properly prepare to ship your parcel to the Republic of Vanuatu is to get all your paperwork in order and to package your goods securely so that they will stay safe during transit.  Most shipping companies will offer help with packaging if you so desire.

Customs for parcel shipping to Vanuatu

To help with the speed that it will take your parcel to get through Customs when it gets Republic of Vanuatu you will want to have all of your paperwork filled out properly.  This way the Customs' officials can process your parcels as quickly as possible and get them out for delivery.  For questions regarding the paperwork, you can either contact their Customs department directly or talk to your shipping company for their help.

Who ships parcels to Vanuatu

Given that not many shipping company service this country, you are going to want to do an up to date search for the available carriers that ship there before deciding who to use to help with your shipping needs.  FedEx and UPS can typically help you, but you will want to see who their competitors are as well when making your decision. 


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