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International Parcel Package delivery Virgin Islands (British)

Parcel delivery destinations in Virgin Islands (British)

Shipping to the British Virgin Islands is very easy and straight forward as they receive regular shipments there.  The main island in this island grouping is Tortola which is where your parcels, if shipped via air mail, will enter the country and go through Customs on.  Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke are the two other densely populated islands there that will also enjoy delivery services to each resident.  The other islands are not all populated and the ones that are may be very sparsely populated on a permanent basis so getting a parcel delivered to those particular addresses may be a rarity.  In these cases, your recipient will most likely have to travel to a centralized location, such as on Tortola, and collect their goods.  You can talk to your shipping company before you send your package off to get a better feel of how the final delivery of your goods will go.

Customs for parcel shipping to Virgin Islands (British)

Technically this is a British over seen territory in the Caribbean which means that you should adhere by the British Customs procedures for items being shipped there.  Their Customs department will be in line with the UK's prohibited and restricted items lists which do change from time to time so are worth checking before you ship to the British Virgin Islands.

Parcel transit times to Virgin Islands (British)

The British Virgin Islands gets parcels delivered to its borders on a daily basis.  With this knowledge, you can see why it is basically on the shipping company's prerogative as to how quickly your parcels can get there.  This will partly depend on where you are shipping them from and how you are going to ship them, as well as what tier of speed you decide to ship them, if applicable.