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International Parcel Package delivery Western Sahara

Parcel delivery destinations in Western Sahara

Given that much of the Western Sahara is desert, you will have a hard time finding delivery services that will cater to every single address there.  Your shipping company will able to tell you if your address can be delivered to or not by them.

Customs for parcel shipping to Western Sahara

You will want to make sure you have all your paperwork filled out and attached to your parcel before you ship it to the Western Sahara.  This will help to ensure that it is processed through Customs and sent for final delivery in the shortest time possible as it is fairly difficult to get things sorted out from across the globe in regards to a paperwork filing.

Who ships parcels to Western Sahara

FedEx and UPS are going to be your best bet when trying to ship a parcel to the Western Sahara as many of the other companies that ship there cater to larger shipments.  This does not mean that you can not go with a bigger company to get your goods over there, it just means that you will most likely find better pricing with a company that caters to your specific type of shipping needs like FedEx in this example.  You should get a few price quotes from a few different companies while searching though so you have some to compare and contrast. 

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Western Sahara

There is a bit of a concern for the safety of your parcels when shipping to the Western Sahara as there is some theft that goes on within its borders.  For this reason it is advisable that you do not ship anything of real value there that you can not easily replace.  And no matter what you send, it is best to get some insurance on your items in case they are stolen or lost while in transit. 

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