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Customs for parcel shipping to Yemen

The entire point of the Yemen Custom's department is to monitor what comes into the country and make sure it meets their guidelines and adheres to their laws.  For these reasons, they are allowed to inspect any packages that are being shipped there and they can assess a duty (or fee) for certain items that are considered valuable.  You can contact them directly for any questions on this matter or to get a ball park idea of what fees you will owe for your particular shipment. 

Who ships parcels to Yemen

You should look at FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL for parcel shipping to the Republic of Yemen.  Beyond these usual suspects, you can contact ISP Parcels and Parcels 2 Go to see what their rates would be as well. 

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Yemen

There is a bit of concern for safety of your parcels when shipping to the Republic of Yemen.  In particular when you use ocean cargo freight liners, there is a bit of a concern towards piracy as there have been some occurrences in the past.  And even though the country's government has put forth many procedures and guidelines to deal with pirates in case they attack your parcel's ship that does not mean the pirates will be deterred from trying to commit such criminal acts.  Furthermore there is a bit of thievery that occurs in Yemen, sometimes within the government's walls as they are checking in your packages and sometimes outside of them as they are on the road for delivery.  Smaller items that are perceived as gifts or valuable are often targeted as criminal believe they may be able to get some money for the items they contain.  It is for these reasons that it is strongly recommended that you get some insurance on your items before you ship them to the Republic of Yemen.

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