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International Parcel Package delivery Zambia

Parcel delivery to Zambia

Seeing how the Republic of Zambia is a land locked country, you are going to have ship your parcels there either via road freight trucks or through air mail.  You can technically still ship something there via ocean cargo freight liners, but they would have to enter through another country's port and go through their Customs process before being released to even get to Zambia, let alone through their Customs procedures.

Parcel delivery destinations in Zambia

Lasaka is the main hub in regards to getting air mail in the Republic of Zambia.  This is where most air mail traveling parcels will come and be processed through their Customs department before being cleared and then released for final delivery.  If you are trying to send something to a pretty rural area, like by the Kafue National Park for example, there may not be direct delivery services to every address.  If this is the case, then your recipient may need to travel to a more densely populated area, like Lasaka or Mazabuka, to collect their items from a centralized delivery facility.  You should consult with your shipping company to see if this applies to your particular shipment and what you and your recipient can expect if it does. 

Packaging when shipping to Zambia

You will want to package your goods like you package them to any other country when shipping to the Republic of Zambia.  This means that you will need a box the fits your items appropriately so that they are secure in it, and that your items have padding, if applicable, to help protect it from damage during transit.  If you have questions about how to best package your items when shipping to this country, you should consult with your shipping company for help.  Some shipping companies may even offer to package your goods for you free of charge, saving you time and the headache of having to do so.

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