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International Parcel Package delivery Zimbabwe

Parcel tracking to Zimbabwe

No matter which shipping company you choose to help ship your parcel to the Republic of Zimbabwe, they will offer a tracking system for your goods.  It is strongly advisable that you pay the extra fee (typically not much at all relatively speaking) and get this feature.  this way you can see where you items are in route and even get notified when they arrive most of the time. 

Parcel documents delivering to Zimbabwe

You will want to fill out a Bill of Lading and a Certificate of Origin when shipping your parcels to the Republic of Zimbabwe because the Customs department will check to see that you have these in order.  Additionally you may need some other documents, such as a special permit for shipping live plants or something.  It is a good idea to either contact their Customs department or your shipping company before you send your items off to this country to check out which forms need to be affixed.  This will save you time and a lot of headache in the long run to do it beforehand.

Parcel delivery limitations to Zimbabwe

There is a list of about two dozen items that you are prohibited from shipping to the Republic of Zimbabwe.  These items include knives, money orders, furs, communistic materials, any kind of perfumes, bearer documents as well as magnetized materials.  You are also restricted from shipping certain items there, such as dead animals or live plants, without the proper authorization beforehand.  It is a good idea to check for the most current listing of these kinds of items before you send your goods out the door to make sure this list has not changed significantly and your items are returned or, worse yet, seized by their government because they are not allowed to be sent there.

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