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Package delivery to Asuncion - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Jen Groves

Good morning. My sister has just moved to Asuncion, Paraguay so I am looking for some shipping options to send some things with her. We were living together here in Quito Canton, Ecuador for the past couple of years so I have some boxes of personal items (like clothes and books and knick knacks) that I would like to send to her.

She has an apartment there that I will be sending the boxes to, but I can send them to her office address if that makes things easier for the packages to be delivered. Also, if that affects the price for shipping, let me know that too please.

The time frame of when these items get delivered to her is not all that important. What is important is that they get to her safely and without damage though. With this in mind, I would like o know some information on your insurance and tracking programs and the costs that go along with using them please. Thank you.