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Parcel delivery to small town in the United States - Parcels Packages

Hi there, my name is Sasha and my sister has just moved to Eldersburg, Maryland which is a small town outside of the Washington, DC metro area in the United States. I was hoping you could help me find the most cost effective way to send some parcels to her from in Bulgaria. We are having a fiftieth wedding anniversary next month for our grandparents and my sister is unable to attend. After the event, I was hoping to send her a package with pictures and maybe even an album of the festivities so she would feel as if she didn't miss out on the family gathering.

I know I can use FedEx, but I am sure there must be some other options out there, some that might even be more cost effective. The speed of the delivery is of little importance, as long as it gets to her safety and undamaged. Thank you for your help! -Sasha