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Parcel delivery to Vienna, Austria - Parcels Packages

Wine Emporium Inc.

As you may know, Vienna, Austria is centrally located to the country's wine producing areas making it a natural choice for our offices to align ourselves with. We at Wine Emporium Inc. are working towards a partnership with a number of small vineyards in the Grinzig district of Vienna, Austria. While we are in negotiations, we will need to send some parcels back and forth, from our home office in Sonoma, California.

These parcels will mostly be paperwork for the vineyard owners to look over and sign, but the occasional sampling from one direction or the other will need to be shipped as well, making it obviously a bit more fragile of a proposition.

Please quote us some prices for both the paperwork being shipped and wine when that comes up. Let us know about time options too as some of the materials may be time sensitive, while at other times we can send it slowly as long as we have tracking information on the package.