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International Parcel delivery to Bahrain - Parcels Packages

My husband is stationed at Bahrain. I would like to send him a parcel, so I am in search for information on international parcel delivery to Bahrain. If your company provides this service, please contact me via the email address I have included with this post.

The delivery of this parcel is by not means urgent. However, I would like it protected from damage. The parcel contains a few pictures, mementos, and a tin of candy. Would you let me know if there is a way the candy can be protected from melting during the journey? I have several cold packs, but is there a commercial grade of these that can last longer? Can you provide a rough estimate as to the cost to send this parcel to Bahrain? How long will it take for the parcel to be delivered?

I check my email every day, and I will be sure to watch for your email to appear in my inbox. Thank you for your interest in shipping my parcel. Oh, and if you require any additional information about my shipment, feel free to ask when you send your email.