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Express Parcel delivery to Slovakia from France - Parcels Packages

I need to contact a company who provides express parcel delivery to Slovakia from France. This parcel weighs about 15 pounds and is about 3 ft by 2 ft. How much does your company charge to deliver this package by the express method? It is an automotive part that must be delivered quickly due to a customer's need. Can you deliver this parcel on time?

Please explain how your shipping methods will deliver this parcel undamaged and if you offer insurance to cover any loss or damage of the parcel while it is in transit. When you respond to my email address, please include the requested information as well as any other information that may be necessary for us to prepare this parcel for shipping. For example, are there any packing suggestions that we may apply in order to protect the parcel's contents from damage during shipment?

Thank you for sending me your information. I have included my email address in order to expedite the process.