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Express Parcel delivery to Turkey - Parcels Packages

I have posted here to request information about express parcel delivery to Turkey. If your company provides express delivery service to Turkey from the United States, then please email me your information as soon as possible.

This package contains notebooks and DVDs that are for my son's schoolwork. He is attending university on an exchange program, but in his haste to depart, he forgot his notes and other projects. He needs these items right away so the sooner I can make express shipping arrangements, then the sooner he will have these. Can your company deliver this parcel by the conclusion of next week? The package weighs about 10 pounds and is about 2 ft by 2 ft by 1 ft in dimensions. There is nothing within this parcel that is breakable nor is there anything that will spoil. But can you please deliver this parcel both quickly and undamaged? This schoolwork cannot be easily replaced as he has devoted many months to this school project.

Please include with this information about how much you will charge as well as if you offer any guarantees as to a day of delivery. Thank you for this.