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Expedited Parcel delivery to Colombia - Parcels Packages

South Bow

I request the services of a company who provides expedited parcel delivery services to Colombia. This parcel contains paperwork that must arrive at our branch office in Bogota, Colombia, by the end of next week. Can your company deliver this parcel by then? How much will you charge for this expedited parcel delivery service? Can you guarantee you will deliver it on time?

The package is about 1.5 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft and weighs 9 pounds. I the package prepared for shipping and it is ready for either pickup or drop off. Which service does your company provide? It is very important this parcel arrive undamaged. Does your company offer any guarantees of this? Also, if for some unknown reason this parcel is undeliverable, do you offer a return to sender service? We ask this because we do not want or need these documents presented to anyone other than to whom it is addressed.

Provided with this inquiry is my direct email address. Please direct your information packets to this address in order to prevent any unnecessary delays. Thank you.