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Express Parcel delivery to Paraguay - Parcels Packages

My cousin is a missionary and is currently on assignment in Paraguay. For the most part, she refuses my offers to send her supplies or much of anything else as she prefers to take care of herself. However, this is one of those rare occasions that she has requested that I send her a care package. This care package contains some first aid supplies as well as some candy for the children. Since this express parcel delivery to Paraguay must be delivered as soon as possible, can your company deliver this parcel to my cousin by the end of next week? Can you also deliver this parcel undamaged?

Can you provide some sort of estimate as to how much it will cost for me to send this express parcel? Yes, I am willing to pay an additional fee if it will guarantee on time delivery. Can you also ensure that this parcel will only be delivered to my cousin and no one else?

Thank you kindly for emailing me this information and for getting this parcel to my cousin as soon as possible.