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International Parcel delivery to Luxembourg - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Joey Iretl

I am preparing an international parcel delivery to Luxembourg and I need the assistance of a company who offers this service. Will you please send your shipping information to my email account as soon as possible? I have never shipped an international parcel before, and I want to be sure I do this right the first time. I really cannot afford to have this returned and have to do it again.

For starters, does your company have a shipping office near to New York City, New York, in the United States? If you do, please tell me where it is located? While I do need assistance in preparing the paperwork, I also need help with the packing. While the contents are not breakable, I would still like for this to be done correctly. What are your charges for helping people like me to prepare a parcel for shipping? How much do you estimate it will cost to ship this parcel? I appreciate any assistance you can provide me with this. I will watch for your emails to arrive. Thanks.