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Express Parcel delivery to Oman - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Urbani Solifin

I have discovered your forum and hope it is a good place for me to find information about express parcel delivery to Oman. If this is the wrong place, please guide me to the proper forum.

The parcel I must ship will be sent from Rome, Italy. So if your company has a shipping facility near to my location, please email me your address and the hours you are open. I have the package ready to ship, so this will save some time at your office. It weighs two and a half kilos, and is dimensioned as 609 mm in length, 381 mm in width, and it is 230 mm in depth. Although there is nothing in this parcel that will break, I still seek your assurances that you will deliver this parcel in an undamaged condition. Can you guarantee this?

So I will know how much money to take with me to your shipping office, can you provide an estimate of how much you will charge me to ship this parcel with your company? I have included my email address for you to send this information. Thanks.