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Express Parcel delivery to Guam (US) - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Roberta Styles

I need to send an express parcel delivery to Guam (US). The parcel is for my husband who is stationed at the U.S. Naval Base there on Guam. Do you have a drop off location near to me here in Sacramento, California, in the United States? If so, please email me with its address and the hours you are open.

The parcel is a care package that includes many different things. For example, it includes some pictures, candy, and some other personal items. Can you guarantee you can deliver this package by the first of next week? Can you also deliver this parcel undamaged? The parcel is one and a half ft in length, by 1 ft wide, by 8 inches deep and weighs five pounds. How much do you estimate you will charge me to ship this parcel to Guam (US)? Do you also offer a tracking service so he and I can monitor the parcel's progress while it is in transit? Thank you so much for providing me with this information. I really do appreciate it.